Mobile Tea House

In 2010 Studio Kortmann designed a mobile tea house for the city of Dordrecht, in order to offer comfort, a meeting place and a physical hub for the neighborhood. Several people and local organizations make use of the tea house, in several neighborhoods. Four years down the road, the tea house is being used regularly without complications and additional costs: a sound investment!

This concept is also available in other configurations, to transform it into a mobile stage, a restroom, a garden house without building permission, etc.

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Coolhaven 600, 3024 AR Rotterdam, The Netherlands - tel. +31 (0)10 4773864 - cel. +31(0)6 10288664


Coolhaven 600, 3024 AR Rotterdam, The Netherlands - tel. +31 (0)10 4773864 - cel. +31(0)6

The mobile tea house combines 6 functions in one object.

The mobile tea house during the Duizel in het Park festival in Rotterdam

The mobile tea house can be opened on four sides to offer space for more than 30 people.

It includes a bar, power points and lighting. The new version will also have a small sound system for music and performances.

The transparent polycarbonate is durable, insulating and reflects the light beautifully.

The steel frame details are based on designs from the 1920’s.

-mobile, so no need for building permissions or real estate taxes.

-weighs less than 700 kg, so no need for it’s own number plates and vehicle tax

-Simple drivers license required, no special trailer license.

-Any vehicle can pull the tea house, as it is light weight.

-Automatically insured with the vehicle that pulls the tea house.

-Fits a regular parking space.

-Can be transported on the highway at normal speed, but can also be hand pulled by two men.

-Own autonomous water supply build in, so no need for permanent water connection

-Also available with silent generator, so no need for power connection.

-Made from galvanized and powder coated steel, and durable polycarbonate: guarantied rustproof for 4 years, with regular maintenance.

-Can be used all year around.

-Offers space to over 30 persons under the shed, and over 200 during performances at festivals.

-Also available as garden house, mobile kitchen, food truck, mobile office, etc. Many configurations possible.

-If used in neighborhoods or social and cultural, non-profit projects, there are possibilities for public funding. Studio Kortmann has experience in The Netherlands with these processes and can assist with funding.

-If used commercially, the return on investment can be realized within the year, depending on the business case.

For more information, call Bas Kortmann: +31 (0)6 10288664

or send a mail to

The mobile tea house as a stage for music and performance

The mobile tea house at the Noordplein in Rotterdam

The mobile tea house as exhibition space in Eindhoven